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Stones - the bones of the Earth

Today as I was cleaning the kitchen, I came upon my arrangement of stones on our very large kitchentable. I was removing them and I instantly connected with the memories each of them are holding when I picked them up. Stones are containers of memories. They contain the stories of the Land throughout history. Every stone has its own frequency, its own unique form and quality. Each of them have their own unique place in this world formed throughout the evolution of our Land, heating and cooling temperatures, clashing earthmasses, meteorites, water erosion and many other climate and chemical processes create certain types of stone. They are the most dense material form, the structure we walk upon. They hold information from the very beginning when Land started to develop. We can walk on the Land and read that information in the rocks, in the pebbles, in the colors, textures, cracks, combination of certain types of stone. They absorb and emanate our prayers, our intentions, to move energy and create through different dimensions. We can sing - talk - pray with them and they will remember. And also they constantly sing - talk - pray to remember us.

Certain Landmasses such as granite (as you find in the West of the UK, Dartmoor - Cornwall - West Scotland) have high frequencies because of the huge amounts of quartz in them. They have the ability to store a lot of information. Other types of Land, such as chalk are much more neutral and reflect energy back. They don't suck up all that information. They can feel lighter to walk upon.

My first deep connection with the stones, the crystals, the rocks on the Earth was in cornwall during my many travels. Walking on Dartmoor- Bodmin moor - the rugged coastlines, stonecircles, standing stones, .... .

The bones in our bodies act in a similar way. They hold the deepest information from us evolving throughout our lives. And even beyond, the evolution of mankind, our own evolution from past life-times. Many subconscious experiences are stored in the bones.

Learning to listen and be with the stones, connects us to the bones of Mother Earth. Her deepest mysteries and secrets.

Equally we can learn to listen and be with our own bones and tune into our own secrets, subconscious memories.We can sing - talk - pray for them.

So we can heal together with the Land, the stones and the bones.

Walk and meditation with the stones:

Make a walk somewhere you can really connect and be still in nature. If you wish you can set a certain intention for this walk and meditation. Maybe there is an area of your life you'd like to have more clarity in. Or you can just be open and see what messages the stones hold for you. Just relax and breath as you walk, noticing the colors, the forms/shapes around you, also movements and the sounds. Feel the temperature, wind. Relaxing and releasing any thoughts that come by. Breathing slowly in and out. Look all around you, 360 degrees. Look at the horizon where the Land touches the sky, or if you are in the woods where the branches reach out into the sky. Follow your intuition as in where you wanna go and where you wanna have some time to be stil. Take in the surroundings: seeing-hearing-feeling-smelling-tasting (if you know! that's safe). But also notice inside your body, how are you feeling in different places in nature. How are you feeling inside standing next to a big oak tree, how are you feeling watching a buzzard circling the sky, ... . How do different places make you feel? Which places make you feel comfy and happy, which places make you wanna move on, which places make you feel open and joyful. Just notice yourself being in nature using your senses to take in your surroundings. And if there is nothing in particular you are feeling, just keep on breathing, walking and observing in and out. Every experience is unique and every experience is equally worthy. There is no good or wrong, it is just what is. It is your experience! Then at some point as you are walking through the landscape see if you feel attracted to a certain stone, rock, pebble. If you have found one, take your time to observe its location. Observe your inner landscape. What is happening inside? How is this place and that stone making you feeling inside? Make yourself as comfy as you can sitting with this stone/rock/pebble. Relax and breath. Follow your intuition, if you wanna lay down with it, next to it, holding it, however you feel you are most comfy. Have a closer look. Touch it. How is it formed? Colors, texture? Weight? Close your eyes, tuning into the stone and see how you feel. Just be with this stone as long as you feel. Explore how it is to observe and tune into different stones? What messages is the stone holding for you. If you have set an intenion or have put out a question, what is the stone telling you. You can write, draw, sing, ... anything that 's coming through you in connection with that stone. What story is this stone holding for you? Can you feel your own bones? Can you feel the connection between the stones and your own bones? How do your bones resonate with this stone? Equally you can just enjoy being with this stone, without any questions or any specific information at all, just enjoying the moment of connection.

See if you can bring something from that experience back home, something that reminds you of its message. Some stones love to come with you, other stones like to stay where they are.

See it as an exploration, to feel when it is the right time and place for you, to be immersed and invited into a journey with the stones.

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