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Accreditations and trainings:

-Teacher primary education (Bachelor Group T, BE)

 3 years

-Sustainable living and Permaculture training (You vzw BE) - 1 year intensive
-Dance, Movement and Creation' ('de kleine tiki' NL)
-People and Permaculture (Looby macnamara, UK)
-Shamanic Healing training (Bridgit Healing Centre Jay and Kestrel, UK) - 2 year training

- The Shaman`s path of the heart

with Stephen Mulhearn

-Macrobiotic Health coach and Wellness shiatsu (I.M.S., UK) - 2 year training

-Shiatsu Therapy (I.M.S, UK) - 3,5 year training

- Shiatsu, Hara (IMS, UK) - 1 day CPD

-Shiatsu,  Extraordinary Vessels, (Well Mother, UK)  20 hours CPD

-Shiatsu Shin Tai, Conception Vessel & Hara

(Kindy Kaur, UK) 6 day CPD

- Shiatsu Shin Tai, Governing vessel & Spine

(Kindy Kaur, UK) 6 day CPD

-Community Herbalist (Plant Medicine School, IRL) - 

2 year training

- YoQi Qigong with Marissa Cranfill

I was born into a Flemish family, where our roots go way back till 1600AC in the same village. I have spent a great deal of my childhood in a community in the forests of the Ardennes. Wandering around in riverbeds, mossy gardens, hills covered with blueberries, sitting at the fireplace,... and making fairygardens on top of the treetrunks. 

All through my life I have been attracted to an atmosphere of poetry, with music, dance, creativity, nature and storytelling.

Well it was not all happy and peace. I had my own traumas and struggles to deal with. After having a burn-out and deep upside down changes on all levels of my life in 2012, 
I decided to buy a campervan and go traveling. 

What was meant to be a few months travel, became a quest for more than 4 years in the southwest of England. 
I started to go on a journey in Macrobiotic, Shiatsu and Shamanic Healing, but most of all it was the Land that was my teacher in my own healingprocess. And it continues to be, as it's an ongoing journey.

At the most unexpected moments she would lift her veil, so I could glance into some of her deep mysteries.
I became aware how deeply I am connected with this being, called 'Gaia'.

In my healingwork, I work with the Earth-Nature-Energy, that I call MurGaia, which also manifests in our bodies and at the same time is a reflection of the whole cosmos.


My trainings 'Shiatsu, Herbalism and Shamanic Healing',

are like pillars to ground this practice into existence.

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