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"When we follow the patterns in nature,

and recognise nature in ourselves, 

Like the seasons ever changing, 

so our Bodies change and transform every moment.. .

When we listen to our Bodies` needs,

our Soul`s calling, then we come home

in the depths of our Being."

In a 1st session we create a picture of your condition according to the Oriental 5 elements and yin/yang philosophy. 

I will ask about your health history, present health, emotional challenges, your eating patterns and some specific 5 element-questions.

I use diagnosis of the body-face-hands-abdomen-back-meridians and acupuncture points to help locating your main issues.

We track down which of the 5 elements might be compromised to create a personal action plan to step towards more balance and fulfilment. Depending on your needs, this personal action plan may include recommendations about diet, lifestyle, exercise, bodywork and/or emotional work. 

If you need help with your diet, you will receive a booklet with information about macrobiotic oriented cooking, foods and recipes.

If you like specific help with herbs and supplements it is best to go to a herbalist or nutritionist.

1st Session: 2h00  £80

Follow ups: 1h00   £45

                       1h30   £60

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