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Beltane, Sexual Energy, Life Force rising!

It is May time.... Nature is bursting out!

The hedges, the trees are dressed in the most shining fluorescent fresh green leaves.

Flowers are abundant in hedges, fields, along windy lanes, parks, orchards and woodlands. The Bluebells are slowly making place for an awakening forest.

Little birds take their first flight craving for freedom, fully alive in every moment.

A delicate balance between the raw earth energies suddenly rising in all its splendour and the incredibly vulnerable and delicate expression of Life itself.

This is Beltane,

It is Life wanting to burst out, life longing to be lived fully.

It is sexual energy, wanting to be expressed.

How can we express our sexual energy?

What to do with it when it is stirring, bursting?

What to do when we are suppressing it?

How to take care of it and nurture it, protect it, nourish it?

We ALL ARE an expression of sexual energy, wether it is supressed or expressed.

It is the very raw Life Force in everyone and everything,

in nature, the plants, the animals, the earth, the sky, in the duality of yin and yang, in the play of the cosmic constellation

How to make that balance between raw bursting Life Force to be expressed and to feel protected, safe and held for that vulnerability to unfold?

Happy Beltane,

Be Wild, Be Free

but also

Be Gentle, Slow Down

Relax and Breath

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