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Data, Pricing and practical information:

Data: TBA

Time: 7pm -9pm

Cost: £15 /per evening 

Location: Ringwood

Plant Spirit Journey


An important part of these sessions is your own little quest before the session, connecting into the natural world, taking time to wander out and about, follow your heart and feel which Plant is drawing your attention. You don`t even have to know the name of the plant. It can be a shrub, a tree, a herb, a flower, a moss,... . Any plant... .
Spend some time with your Plant, tuning in, feeling, being, follow your intuition. See if you can bring something from your plant to the session (a leaf, a flower or even a drawing, photo, ... )


For these sessions I follow a simple structure:

  • Introducing our plant to each other

  • Connecting our Body-Soul into the Web of Life and settling into our Bodies

  • A journey, visualisation to meet your Plant Spirit

  • Some time to reflect, express, be creative and integrate

  • Sharing our experiences

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