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Here are 3 FREE video`s if you like to explore

my 5 Elemental - Self Shiatsu.

These sessions are offered online weekly on Fridays from 9-10am UK time. 

1 hour full session, which takes you through a journey starting slowly to settle into the Body, connecting into the Metal Element.


We tune into the image of the Antlers of the Stag, as a symbol of protective energy - wei qi around your body. I integrate different elements of shiatsu, oriental medicine, qi gong, breathing, visualisation, sound and meditation.

A great session for sensitive Souls, if you want to strengthen your boundaries and the aura field around you. It makes you more resilient in every day life!

This is a short 15 minute session to ease and relax any tensions in the face, the skull, the neck, eyes, ears, nose and mouth. 

If you have been on the computer for a long time, this is a good one to let go of any mental and physical tensions around that area.

A short 12 minute exercise from a 1 hour full length session Fire Element "Returning the flame back Home"! 

But equally this session is great when you feel completely overwhelmed by all the posibilities that Life is throwing at you. You may feel your energy is too high up. This one helps you to bring it back to your centre.

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