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Data, Pricing and practical information:

Data: 15th of January 2023

Time: 2-5pm

Cost: £30

Location: Wellbeing at Roundhill, Fordingbridge, SP61AQ

Body Nature Movement Meditation


Inspired by Nature, the Seasonal changes and the 5 Elements:

Water - Tree - Fire - Earth – Metal

(such as practiced in TAO, Qi Gong, Shiatsu, Acupuncture, ...) 

In the 1st part we will awaken the Body , the 5 Elements as a full cycle and our Energy lines (Meridians) with the Makka Ho stretches, tapping, Acupressure, Qi gong, breathing, shaking, self massage, shiatsu... . In all of this you are invited to follow your own intuition and unique rhythm with the structure as a guidance.


In the 2nd part we will immerse ourselves in 1 specific Element. In January this will be the WATER element. We follow the unique patterns of how that Energy expresses itself in Nature in that very moment and its reflection in our own Bodies and our Whole Being. The colors, the sounds, the movements, the visions, the emotions and sensations, ...


In the 3th part there is an emphasis on Stillness and Meditation and whatever else that arises in this "allowing" of Space and Time.

There are FREE video`s available HERE, if you like to have a taster session!

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