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Shiatsu Treatment

Shiatsu is an acupresssure massage
using the meridians and acupuncture points based on Oriental Medicine - 5 Elements and yin/yang. 

The body is  invited to create a harmonious flow of energy. In this way a vital tonus and deep sense of relaxation can be re-established. 

I use gentle yet deep touch, specific manipulation, deep holding and stretching, rocking, hara breathing, releasing tensions and emotions. 

Stimulation of specific points and meridians are used to improve certain conditions.

Shiatsu can help with:

Back- shoulder - neck pain, digestion, migraines, muscle stiffness, insomnia, fatigue, exhaustion, PMS, menstrual problems, convalescence and many more conditions.

In shiatsu you are fully clothed lying on a couch or futon, all held in a warm, nurturing space.

Wednesdays in Scoltocks - Health food shop Ringwood

Fridays in "The Garden chalet" - Ringwood

1h00 £50

1h30 £75


5 Element Health Coach

We track down which of the 5 elements might be compromised to create a personal action plan to step towards more balance and fulfilment. Depending on your needs, this personal action plan may include recommendations about diet, lifestyle, exercise, bodywork and/or emotional work. 

1st Session: 2h00  £90

Follow ups: 1h00   £50

                   1h30   £75

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Shamanic Sound Healing

In shamanic healing, we go on a journey to align your 
physical-emotional-mental and spiritual bodies.

Along the process we dive into sub-conscious layers of your being  to release negative patterns and bring back lost parts of yourself. All to support you to live your life more fully in alignment with your true soulpurpose.


Some of the methods I use:
Soundhealing- color healing- past life regression- soul retrieval - rune readings- emotional counselling


In shamanic healing you're fully clothed, lying on a couch, 
all held in a warm, nurturing space.

Tuesdays in "The Garden Chalet" - Ringwood

1h00 £50

1h30 £75

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