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Data, Pricing and practical information:

Data: TBA

Time: 7pm -9pm

Cost: £15 

Location: Garden chalet Ringwood

Womb Space- Women circle


Connecting with our womb-space, the space of creation and eternity, surrendering to the energy that wants to emerge from our depths into remembering.


Exploring and experimenting, sharing and co-creating together. We will have a warm, comfy nest in the middle, a space where we all can have a moment of Eternity in the womb again, if you wish. To just Be, Relax and Receive the nurturing, healing energy of women being present with us, carrying us, holding us, drumming & singing for us, ... .


Singing our Song, so we may remember who we are... . To remember that Time and Space where we have been dreaming the Earth into Being and we still are. So please bring your drums or other music-instruments.

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